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PhotoFinder Hub

Enter a new era of medical-aesthetic imaging with Meesma - When you purchase the meesma you will receive a bundle with the FotoFinder Hub. Experience a new dimension of patient care with these intelligent features:

  1. Masterful Image Comparisons: Easily track your patients' progress with our image comparison tool
  2. Detailed Image Information: Clearly identify baseline and follow-up images for transparent treatment progression. Access comprehensive details such as patient information, operator and device details.
  3. Effortlessly manage new sessions: Customize treatments for each session to improve patient profiles.
    Select relevant studies and create detailed documentation with comments and notes.
  4. Advanced Visualization with the Proposer: Experience advanced visualization with pigmentation (UV), redness, and evenness modes.
  5. Easily switch between modes with a simple slider for enhanced treatment visualization.
  6. Empower the Product Manager: Define your clinic's product and treatment lists for personalized and professional treatment reports.
  7. Customize clinic settings with Clinic Customization, a crucial part of the Proposer tool.
  8. Efficient image gallery sorting: Optimize data organization based on treatments, sessions and progression for quick and easy access.
  9. Powerful reporting features: Generate detailed PDF reports with featured images, patient details, comments, highlighted diagnoses and more.
  10. Easily improve documentation and patient communication with customizable reports using the integrated List & Label reporting tool powered by FotoFinder.

Expand your aesthetic practice with Meesma and the FotoFinder Hub – your cloud solution for maximum efficiency and absolute added value. When you purchase a Meesma device, you will automatically receive the hub bundle.

The cloud solution with absolute added value: Synchronize your
Patient data and images between FotoFinder Cloud and your mobile device. Use advanced functions such as image comparison, AI or second opinion service!
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