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It's all about innovative solutions for dermoscopy - from
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Your practice in the cloud: Consistent, innovative skin imaging. Synchronize your patient database between the Hub and all your FotoFinder devices and store images and data securely in your personal space.All users benefit from the same comprehensive features - whether you're a small team or a growing business, we have a plan to suit you.

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The medicam 1000s gives me a much better view into details and structures, the magnification brilliance improves the diagnosis of skin tumors enormously!

Prof. Dr. Andreas Blum

I am thrilled with the image quality of the new medicam and together with the D-Scope IV lens I work quickly and efficiently. Taking macro and micro images and switching between immersion and polarisation saves time, which benefits my patients. I like to work with the control panel on the medicam 1000, so I mark the localisation right in the image without having to put the camera down.

Dr. Arfaian

FotoFinder Systems in Bad Birnbach stands for digital dermoscopy at the highest level. Our two devices, vexia and ATBM, have been in continuous daily use for years, and there has never been a single failure of the systems. The contact persons at Fotofinder, are always friendly and courteous and can be reached at any time. We and our patients can no longer imagine dermatological skin cancer screening without FotoFinder. I can recommend FotoFinder Systems without reservation.

Dr. Al Ghazal

FotoFinder technology meets the highest demands of modern video dermoscopy: brilliant and high-resolution images with the Full HD medicam 1000, intuitive, easy handling, exceedingly fast recordings and thus truly efficient work. Patients are impressed by this highly professional skin cancer screening.

Dr. Stengel

The company's products have been with me all my professional life, which is now more than 25 years, the staff and employees have always been friendly, the service perfect and the products are very good.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hofmann-Wellenhof

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